Bryon Kroger

Founder & CEO

Meet Bryon Kroger

Bryon Kroger is Founder and CEO of Rise8. Before that, he spent seven years as a targeteer using terrible software, which led him to cross-train to acquisitions and spend his first year building a transformation at AFLCMC, ultimately becoming one of three co-founders of Kessel Run. 

Bryon served as Kessel Run COO for two years, leading operations for the enterprise-scale software lab that defined DoD DevSecOps. Frustrated by the path the DoD was taking to scale the team's success across the rest of the enterprise, he separated and decided to tackle the problem as a digital services provider. 

Bryon launched Rise8 in 2019 to help change agents transform their rebellions into digital revolutions - continuing his mission to transform the DoD into a software company.