Product Designer

Meet JJ Yu

Jessica Jin (JJ) Yu is a product designer at Rise8 working with customers at Section 31, a team delivering software for the Space Force. She works on Team Metroid designing for apps Space Board and BlueStat (coming soon). In a nutshell, she constantly advocates for the users, helping the team remain focused on solving problems with them in mind.

About working with Rise8, JJ says, “I love how committed Rise8 is to user-centered design. A lot of organizations will preach how user-centered they are, but it's very apparent that business goals trump users when push comes to shove. Rise8 does a really great job of balancing business goals and what's right for the user. I believe this approach speaks for itself when our users are excited to know that we're building more things for them and have the trust in us to do so. 

Another thing I find special about Rise8's culture is the trust that leadership has in the Risers and the autonomy they give us to be proactive in our work. It's really encouraging to know that our leadership has our back in what we do and how we do it.”


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